A self motivated, adaptable and result oriented professional. With over 10+ years of progressive experience in the domain of project/program management, digital marketing and operations management. Possess exceptional design aesthetics, typography expertise, and proficient compositional and layout skills .Strong leadership, analytical, interpersonal and multi-tasking skills. Capacity to work effectively under pressure and ability to  work in teams of varied sizes and maintained high performance to achieve goals.

 Digital Proficiency 

  • Microsoft suite, Google workspace, Meta Business Suite for Facebook and Insta,  Zoom,  Slack, Teams
  • Figma, Canvaa, Hubspot 
  • Digital Portfolio :


Digital Marketing Coordinator/part-time (2022-2023)


  • Developed and executed a strategic social media roadmap to enhance brand visibility and engagement.
  • Created and curated compelling content for various social media marketing  platforms, maintaining consistency with the brand's voice and image.
  • Executed a marketing  calendar, ensuring timely and consistent posts across platforms.
  • Monitored and responded to audience comments and messages, fostering a positive online community.
  • Developed and maintained  a social media marketing analytics dashboard to make data-driven decisions.

Family-focused Career Break (2011-2022)                                                                                                           

  • Relocated to the USA and assisted my husband in pursuing his education and provided dedicated support to family while actively engaging in community outreach programs and volunteering efforts, demonstrating strong time management and prioritization skills.
  • Volunteered at numerous community outreach programs including but not limited to clothing and food drives.
  • Engaged in organizing fundraising events for various local organizations, contributing to the development of marketing plans, collaborating with vendors, and overseeing event management.

Senior Program Coordinator/Executive Director (2007 - 2010)

TiE, Pakistan 

  • Co ordinated  with board members to establish strategic vision, mission, and long-term goals, driving an increase in active membership and funding.
  • Created and executed 30+ events and workshops annually, generating a substantial increase in member engagement.
  • Increased mentorship impact through curating workshops, pitch sessions, business plan competitions, and mentorship programs.
  • Streamlined administration, financial management, and staff supervision, resulting in a increase in operational efficiency
  • Managed social media channels, website content, newsletters, and PR activities, contributing to an increase in new member signups.

Senior Program Coordinator (2004 - 2007)

The Salamat School System, Pakistan 

  • Initiated and led a multi-campus coordination program to standardize core processes and improve communication, resulting in improved documentation and increased productivity.
  • Introduced parent-teacher coordination advisory group, built partnerships with parents, and conducted parent-teacher meetings to enhance student development and support.
  • Organized school events such as parent's day and carnivals, procured sponsorships and grants, and worked with designers to develop costumes for children's performances.
  • Collaborated with teachers across all campuses to design curriculum and lesson plans, and conducted staff and committee meetings to share student progress.

Senior Program Coordinator (2000 - 2004)

Preston University, Pakistan 

  • Managed and organized administrative work for all the programs.(MBA,MCS,BBA,BCS)
  • Supervised the administrative staff on day-to-day operations.
  • Facilitated prospective and current students by providing them with information regarding each program, admission process, registration procedures, prerequisites, and student services. 
  • Designed and launched a student counseling program for Multan campus, counseled 35+ students and mentored them in effective decision making regarding their career direction and future fields of study.
  • Spearheaded the university-wide effort to align the curriculum with the changing needs of the industry, developed the strategy, and oversaw the execution of this critical initiative. This resulted in an increase in student satisfaction and an increase in student employability.

Marketing & Credit Intern (1998 - 1999)

Albaraka Islamic Investment Bank, Pakistan 

  • Marketed the products offered to potential and existing customers through a variety of channels, including cold calling and email marketing
  • Maintained client relationships by providing excellent customer service, including responding to inquiries in a timely manner, resolving any issues that may arise, and providing follow-up after each interaction.


  • Master of Business Administration, Institute of Management Sciences and Technology, Pakistan (1996 - 1998)
  • Master of Social Science, Punjab University, Pakistan (1994 - 1996)
  • Project Management Certification, Google (2023)

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